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Friday, September 2, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (2 September 2016) - Red Version v.2.07

We already know that a new update was coming in the near future thanks to the previous livestream broadcast, but its actual release date wasn't revealed during said past event.

With today's official blog entry, we now know that this update will be launched on September 14th, bringing to the table Red Version's Dojo Ranking/Taiko School together with the new song quartet, Tokkun Mode tweaks and collaboration events in the air! In addition to that, there are a couple of details that have been added to the already-known update details:

  • VICTORIA, Cranky's debut Namco Original, has been revealed to be part of the God Collection series, as Victoria was the Roman personification of victory and equal to the Greek goddess Nike.
  • A couple of unlockable songs in past firmwares's Dojo Ranking mode -namely X-DAY2000 and Joubutsu 2000- will be added to the Rewards Shop in the day of the update.

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