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Monday, July 25, 2016

Taiko Plus/STH: One Piece Film Gold Collaboration, the Full Details

Now that the Taiko x One Piece collaboration has been openly advertised by Bandai Namco in everything Taiko-related, it's time to frame the whole picture of what mobile players will get out of the event for their Taiko mobile app.

Starting from our latest Taiko+ news outlet from last Sunday, all Taiko+ players on both Apple and Android devices can play One Piece Flim Gold's theme song -Ikari o Kure yo (怒りをくれよ)- free of charge from the movie's release date (which was last Saturday, July 23rd) to September 4th, during which time frame players will also be able to try their luck at the app's Lottery for a chance of a promotional wallpaper.

If that's not enough One Piece for you to enjoy in one piece (sorry I couldn't resist), both app versions' Gakkyoku Tori Houdai mode has added five returning songs from the popular Anime series last Saturday for everyone to enjoy: Kokoro no Chizu, Jungle P, BRAND NEW WORLD, HANDS UP! and Wake up!.

Apple Taiko players are also given the option to purchase two promotional song packs with 4 songs each: the Anime Pack GOLD (アニメぱっくGOLD) including four never-on-the-app-before One Piece songs (Ikari o Kure yoKokoro no ChizuJungle PBRAND NEW WORLD) and the Anime Pack SILVER (アニメぱっくSILVER), featuring for songs from the Anime that are already featured in formerly-released packs from the Popular Song Pack line (We Are!We Go!HANDS UP!Wake up!). Please remember that buying the SILVER pack doesn't supply refunds for the songs that have already been acquired through the former song packs, and vice-versa (aka buying the Pop Song Pack 5/18/14/18 beforehand doesn't net any discounts for the SILVER pack).

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