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Sunday, July 17, 2016

First Video: WCS2016 Conclusion Special: Amaterasu and then some

 天照 Amaterasu (858 notes on ★10 Oni) NEW!
   Tatsh a.k.a 世阿弥 Tatsh a.k.a Zeami
Let's preface with this: it is multiple folds easier than Yuugen no Ran, and champion Yosuga (second time now) can and have DFCed it on the first reveal. The teased exhibition song plays at over 200 BPM with mostly rather-long 16th streams and some scattered 24ths.

Amaterasu is coming to your local AC0R in a future update. (at least confirmed for Japan)

 VICTORIA (858 notes on ★10 Oni) NEW!
The third-place playoff features the first reveal of the unannounced composition by Cranky, on the same surprise factor as Yumeiro Coaster back in 2010. Highly mixed streams and inconsistent speeding patterns buries multiple places to easily break combos, like it did to minamitori (4th) ending with a -120 difference to iwagon (3rd).

Coincidentally it also has the same Oni notecount and rating as our other new song of the day. It is unsure if the all-ones KFM rating are just a placeholder or actually serious.

It is also announced here that Cranky's composition (with siromaru et al.) conflict NEW! will also hit AC0R soon. If you did not know it, we talked about its multiple previous appearances in other rhythm games in this Sympho-Neighbours feature.

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