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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

V Version Update: Popular Song Pack 14: Curtain Call

Before we start, here is a small Japanese lesson: フィナーレ (finaare) means "finale". And now you are set to know about the new seven-song-but-still-original-price pack, coming June 2.

Popular Song Pack 14 (500 yen plus tax)
 ありがとう Arigatou
 Checkmate!? NEW!
   「だがしかし」より Dagashi Kashi
 Where is the Target?
   「ローリングサンダー2」より Rolling Thunder 2
 Ladystar Wandering Console debut
   東方Project×NAMCO SOUNDS 中鶴潤一 Touhou Project×NAMCO SOUNDS / Junichi Nakatsuru
 ねこくじら Neko Kujira (+Ura NEW!)
 Evidence of evil
 〆ドレー2000+ Shimedore 2000+

Thanking (arigatou) you for a full year of new songs is more new songs, new notecharts and console debuts! Forget the theme to the rough snack-themed anime, we are having the first Ura notechart for the Mika Series with at least 625 notes (which already had a new notechart 4 years prior, mind you)! And of course marking the end of DLC cycles with the 1414-king-with-a-drumroll-tail itself.

Looking back though, it has been a great run for Vita1. For the 15 DLC packs there is but one without any brand new or console debut songs. All while with the new and tasty picks in default and unlockable (sometimes prickly too) and the realization that f**k following the straight line, or even any line at all, it just took the series to brand new heights.

Now that Vita1 DLC are over, we're safe to be off to 3DS3!

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