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Friday, May 6, 2016

First Video: Clover♣Kakumation

 Clover♣Kakumation (クローバー♣かくめーしょん) (3/3/6/8; 498 notes on Oni)

...boy, this week sure has been a quiet one on the news front, hasn't it? Put your worries to rest, though, as we've still gotten some brand-new content for Taiko gaming today with the latest V Version DLC pack.

Sansha Sanyo's Anime OP fares well into the 8* Oni ballpark with a notechart that consistently pulls more tricks than last month's Umaru-chan Taiko debut, counting more dense cluster sections and gradual scrolling speed-ups like a few other prized Anime songs on Taiko before it.

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