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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Across Japan (May 23 2016): Asians Get Finals! White ver. (Asia) Version Update (V4.01)

Same day as the version update in Japan (May 25) is a version update in Asia, adding the same songs! Look out for "G/V 4.01" on the title screen to make sure you can get the new songs before you even slot in the coins.

New Songs: May 25
 Netemo Netemo ☆Shoji☆ feat. Honoka♡Erika Same day as Japan
 Hiyoko Fantasy Tsuyomi Same day as Japan
 Reitouko CJ ~Amen Taiko Brothers~ DJKurara Same day as Japan
 Asagao BTB Same day as Japan
 Gloria K.Key Same day as Japan

New Songs: June 1
 Sports Digestdon ~Fill in The Sky~

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