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Friday, May 20, 2016

Across Japan (May 18 2016): Murasaki ver. Ranking Dojo Results and Statistics


Rather late considering Red ver. is already coming its way, here are the results for the Murasaki ver. Ranking Dojo in the Asian regions. Unlike Japa, there are no successful attempts of Choujin (two fails) and no attempts at all for Tatsujin (because only unlocked after Choujin). The highest rank attained in the Asian regions is Gold Meijin, with Hong Kong's ~?!~, Taiwan's Gari!? and South Korea's Sesang. For a full list of high rankers (from 7-dan onwards), check the original post. We only embedded the Kurouto/Meijin page above as a taster.

As always in Ranking Dojo statistics, you can also find the pie chart of highest rank obtained and the percentage bar chart of the clearing tallies for each individual rank also in the original post.

With about a month left in Japan and possibly a bit longer in Asia, there is still some time to make a mark in the next installment of these statistics by training for the next rank in the White ver. Ranking Dojo. Go to an arcade room near you for that soon!


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