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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (March 24 2016) - April at White ver.: Truly Monkeying Around

Welcome to the end of another month, and we're of course going through the new additions for the next month! Also there are campaigns!

April DonChare unlock song:
 真・画竜点睛 Shin Garyoutensei

I mean you should know this song by now, being the direct sequel to Garyoutensei that led a whole series. So check out the Song Series Showcase for more.

April Free Outfit Gift: Sun Wukong (そんごくう)
The flower-fruit-mountain's monkey king! The head is free and the body (incl. stick and cloud) is from the Rewards Shop in the month of April only.

Synchronica Collaboration Round 3

Now for some songs that are actually new:
 カノン シンクロニカ Remix Canon Synchronica Remix NEW!

Woohoo! My favourite Synchronica song! Get it via the new round of Synchronica collaboration, where you have to Full Combo (1P) or Unbroken Combo (2P) on Advanced or higher difficulty on all six selected songs:

  • Dokidoki Mune-kyun Omatsuri Time NEW!
  • Sotsu Omeshiki NEW!
  • Angel Dream
  • Uchuu SAMURAI
  • Aka no Senritsu
  • Winter Dragon ~Toryu~

And if you haven't got Synchronicity or New World from the last time we had this, they are back for another chance. Get all of these between March 31 (07:00) through May 8 (25:59).

WCS2016 Play For Rewards Campaign

You don't have to play competitively to participate in World Championship 2016. Play one credit for one ticket during the campaign period April 1 (07:00) through June 2 (25:59), and one more if that credit contains a WCS2016 candidate song. The tickets can be used redeem various rewards.

And free with the campaign are Petit-charas with WCS2016 candidate song plays:
April: (still unnamed) Tiger / May: (still unnamed) Dragon

And to finally name them, here's the Twitter poll that is made for it:
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