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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

First Video: Rin

 Rin (凛) a_hisa (3/4/6/9; 672 notes on Oni)

The first of March in 2016 marks a milestone day for overseas Taiko players, as not-Japanese White Version machines are claiming dibs on a new song's debut earlier than Japan for the first time in the current arcade generation! One of the Donder's Choice winners in the latest Taiko-oriented CreoFuga contest, Rin's Oni mode sports any differient cluster formations to closely follow the piano and violin portion of the track. Watch out for the usual 1/24 traps and the gradual slow-down portion towards the end!

As a quick reminder, Japanese White Version arcades are also receiving something today as well, with the songs SORA-I Earth Rise and SORA-II Gliese 581 getting released in all public arcades after the MyBachi promotional period's ending.

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