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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

First Video: Prime-time TeleTaiko

When all three songs sounds like episodes of prime-time television dramas... check out the new additions in today's update!

 私立高天原学園高校・校歌 Shiritsu Takama-ga-hara Gakuen Koukou Kouka (4/6/7/9; 829 notes on Oni)
The hot-blooded high school drama! At a (constant, phew) 188 BPM with some rather complex bundles of clusters plus not-rare 24ths, this could be the hardest notechart to some by individual difference. Challenge: recognize all the students' names when Mr. Izanagi takes roll call!

 My Muscle Heart (3/4/5/9; 834 notes on Oni)
Okay, the Magic School Girl isn't a very recognized genre of dramas yet, but the structure does make for a full resolution of the plot of Muscular Magic School Girl Takeminakata. Like STGKK above it's mostly the speed that poses a threat, and this one might be easier with no 24th at its top speed of 195 BPM and more straightforward clusters. The bridge has unconventional stanza signatures, which you should note if that would throw you off.

 オーディオdeカッ! Audio de Ka! (4/4/6/9; 576 notes on Oni)
You think it's just the theme going "Audio-dio-dio" with some long streams, and then you remember it's ★9 and it immediately pulled a Kidaruma 2000 and give you actual drama (complete with dramatic reveal SFX no less), sofuran and a healthy dash of the patent-pending trippy barlines (TM). While the gimmicks are... distracting, the chart itself is okay at a core 142 BPM, and would be easily dealt if you can put down with junction and Night And Day. BTW I did not time my last post on Thinking ~Must Mix~ Ura Oni gimmicks with this.

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