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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Behind the Gimmicks: Thinking ~Must Mix~ Ura Oni

Thinking ~Must Mix~'s Ura Oni notechart is... just plain weird. While the Regular Oni stands as a nice and maybe a bit hefty ☆8 (okay there is also some sofuran but not too taxing), the Ura Oni threw in so many gimmicks you might as well start reciting the chart image instead to trying to make sense of all of that.

The trippy waves of over-abundant bar lines are the easy ones to figure out: a scroll speed change every half a beat, varying from 0.50 to 0.71 to and fro. The same gimmick is used in Next Life in MS Red, but there were no notes over the waves there and just a pretty light show. Here the patterns wobbles with the waves and makes for a rather hard section to read.

...not as inexplicable as the part just before this, right after the 160-note long barrage of a 16th and 24th stream, where you get scattered 24th clusters and single notes at very weird separations, that resembles nothing of the music. What the heck!? (see after the jump for the reveal)

Well, seeing them "normally" in a line is obviously not going to give any sense, so what say me rearrange them a bit? Say, looking vertically like wikihouse suggests?


Well if it isn't just dandy: the notes was going to line up and spell IDOL and 765P (765 Production). Like if anyone is going to see that at first sight. So I guess we have to look another layer for gimmicks from now on?

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