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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (14 January 2016) - World Hobby Fair 2016's Taiko Perks

Another event that is going to host a number of Taiko-related activities early this year is the also-yearly World Hobby Fair, which is the main topic of today's double Taiko Team blog entries.

First in line is an article by Daifuku about pre-existing Taiko game's presence (and accessories) to the Taiko booth. For starters, in the World Hobby Fair '16 is possible to buy the MyBachi drumsticks at the price of 3.900 Yen. Each purchase will grant to the customer a ticket for a free play in this event's White Version arcade, in order to test them out immediately.

Exclusive to this occasion is also the possibility to but event-limited MyBachi models, featuring blue straps instead of the usual red! If you're interested in this peripheral, be sure to head to the booth before the stocks are gone.

Another reason of why to visit the Taiko booth is that 2015's major console titles for the series will also be there to be tried out by everyone! For the early birds who go to try the games, there's also a special gift in form of a custom coaster, according to the game tried out.


Today's 2nd blog entry instead was a brief news report by Eto about this year's big arcade tournament, which also got its full official logo!

It appears that the tourney's main theme is... ToraDora?

Dated jokes/references aside, we come to knowledge that the Taiko Team will reveal the very final tournament-related details on January 30-31, in occasion of the annual Tokaigi. These announcements will also be published on the Internet in the next livestream event, with further details pending in the future. Who knows, maybe the World Hobby Fair may hold some share of early information as well...

Blog Entry 1 (Taiko at World Hobby Fair '16)
Blog Entry 2 (Taiko 2016 World Championship's Final Details)

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