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Thursday, June 18, 2015

V Version Updates: Pre-order Campaigns Demystified!

Are you confused with the pre-order antics we have been reporting? We are too, to some extent! Let's try to have them settled with today's V Version main site update! But first...

Trial Version Available Now!

Get a free, first-hand look of the game yourself! Following the trend from 3DS1 and 2, V Version also has a Trial Version available before launch, which can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store right now!

Try out the normal gameplay with  Ridge Racer and the console debut of  Day by Day!, as well as console debut for the Shin-uchi modifier (source)! Test out deck formation and Noise battle in a Donder Quest taster! Hook 3 more friends with a PSVita to also download and experience how the Multi-play trial feels like!

Addendum:  Gekkabijin and  Summer Dragon ~Karyu~ in Donder Quest! (source)

Pre-order Campaigns: Making Sense of it
Now to the pre-order slash early order slash whatever you want to call it. With all the previous conflicting news, here is the big summary with respect to the additions today to make everything crystal clear.

(A) Outlet-exclusive Special

You get one of these songs for free depending on where you order your copy, given in the form of a serial code that you enter into the game. While some locations may also impose time limits, the only determining factor is where you order.

Order from Amazon Japan (special only before July 9)
   →  アメイジンググレイス Amazing Grace
Order from GEO (selected stores only)
   →  No Way Back 「ゴッドイーター」より from God Eater
Order from PlayStation Store
   →  宝の丘 Takara no Oka

Order the Chinese version from certain vendors
   →  精舞門 羅志祥 Show Luo or  你是我的花朵 伍佰 Wu Bai or  920 A-Lin & 小宇 Xiaoyu Song (randomly one)

(B) Early Order Special

These three songs will be released as free DLC from July 9 until August 31. Regardless of where you order your copy, as long as you can get to the PlayStation Network before it ends, you can download them for free.

Tutti! from Hibike! Euphonium NEW!
Uchouten Vivace Last Note feat. GUMI NEW!
(3rd song coming soon)

Addendum: For the Chinese version, there is a not-so-well titled Mega Man 2 Theme as an Early Order Special (source).

Addendum (2): Chinese version also comes in a device bundle with other added perks. Also the first printing of the hard copy will come with either a Don-chan or Kat-chan doll. (source)

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