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Thursday, June 25, 2015

V Version Update: In Which More Characters Are Introduced

In this installment of V Version Update: the least number of songs announced in a single regular Thursday update.

Early Order Campaign
Maybe it's the same one as the one mentioned with the Chinese version, but a  Dr. WILY STAGE 1 from Megaman 2 will be the third and final Early Order free DLC (and yes, it's the one that ended up involving "billions of memories").

Donder Quest: New Characters
In a unexpected we are introduced to Maple's sister Violia (ヴィオリア, shown right). Thank god the name is so much easier to romanize than Lira da Gamba.

And so much for easy names, because a boss from later in the story, ラフブレイカー, is newly featured in the Systems section. Along with a brand new song, its (?) enormous dislocated hands pull the strings to multiple red and blue balls that covers the bar more and more.


  1. PS. Yes I gave up on translating that boss' name, unless settling on something absurdly unfitting like "Lovebreaker". Envigueur being in French might have been overly affecting my guesses, but feel free to leave your speculations.