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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

First Video: TRUTH and Kirame Kirari's new Oni charts

It's Midnight in the land of the Rising Sun, which means it's time for the penultimate round of DLC songs for Don and Katsu's Space/Time Adventure, featuring new Oni modes for two older Taiko songs. The first of which is TRUTH, which checks in with a 7* Oni mode featuring many clusters and a restless Go-Go Time section.

The other song of the couple is the fan-favorite Kirame Kirari, coming back with a brand new Oni mode consisting of 691 notes and lots of the modern Im@s charting tropes we have seen plenty of in the last 30 days (Call notecharts, GGT bursts, scrolling speed-ups for single giant notes,...).

For those who are nostalgic of the older Oni mode, keep in mind that this piece of DLC comes with the original Oni mode as the new Ura Oni, as the Taiko Team explained a few weeks ago in one of their blog entries (link).

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