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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Across Japan: June Facebook Tournament, Getting Real Purple


With the last time we share a tournament with Japan, the announcement for the ongoing Battle of Purple Flames (紫煌の陣) should have made you think, and here it is.

The Oni department of June's Asia ver. Facebook Tournament shares the above-mentioned challenge, asking for the best totals among Shikou no Ran (10★), Purple Rose Fusion (10★) and Necrofantasia ~ Arr. Demetori (10★). The Muzukashii department also calls back to that tournament's Futsuu im@s collab extravaganza, by designating the very fresh June 4th addition Machiuke Prince (5★, rating covered for spoilers at FB posting).

This tourney installment runs from June 6~14, and the results comes June 17.

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