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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3DS2 DLC Mahou no Kakete now available!

Quick news that June 4th's DLC for 3DS2 is the new notechart for  Mahou no Kakete! (魔法をかけて!), which is already available now as UTC+9 that Japan runs on just passed midnight.

And as to what this Read More is for...?

It is to keep out the spoiler-y rumors that digging through data has revealed the following unconfirmed future DLC:

 キルミーのベイベー! Kill Me no Baby!
 キラメキラリ Kirame Kirari
 自分REST@RT Jibun REST@RT (+Ura?)

That Jibun REST@RT is new enough (and more importantly already a Call notechart) means it probably won't change notecharts this time. but we can't say for sure for Kirame Kirari: just last month GO MY WAY!! defected its old notechart that is still well and alive on AC0 for a Call notechart revamp on 3DS2, and there is no reason why Kirame Kirari cannot follow suit.

And in case it is too obscure, TRUTH is the main theme to the Formula One Grand Prix broadcast for Fuji television. That 7★ rating is very old (last seen 10 years back on PSP1) and will probably change.

Anyway take the latter half of this post with a grain of salt, and let tomorrow's double Namco Taiko Blog say definitively.

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