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Thursday, May 14, 2015

V Version Updates: You Guessed It - More Songs!

Carrying on the hype for the 15th Taiko Anniversary celebration, V Version's website got yet another Thursday update. Let's see together what's new this time around!

New Songs
「リッジレーサー」より from Ridge Racer
 Dual Moon NEW!
タイトー「METAL BLACK」より from Taito's METAL BLACK
 おしえて くまとも Oshiete Kumatomo
「クマ・トモ」テーマ曲 Kumatomo Theme Song
新日本プロレス オカダ・カズチカ入場テーマ New Japan Pro Wrestling Kazuchika Okada Entrance Theme
 女神な世界 Ⅰ Megamina Sekai I NEW!
 闇の魔法少女 Yami no Mahou Shojo NEW!
Silver Forest feat.アキ Silver Forest feat. Aki
  幻想即興曲 Fantasie Impromptu

Today's 7-song shipment include both welcomed arcade exclusives and never-heard-before tracks on Taiko games, such as a new song from Namco's everlasting Ridge Racer series and a debuting Namco Original which seems to be geared to become the first of a newborne song series. Let's let time decide about that, I guess?

New Guest Characters
  • Kazuchika Okada
  • Kumatomo


  1. 4Gamer tells us Megamina Sekai I is another GIW and Hisui work.

  2. It is? ... Dammit!
    This totally ruins my theory of "Last Don Points unlock for every arcade firmware launch after Sorairo is a Hisui song"...