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Thursday, May 21, 2015

V Version Update: Promotion Video and More on the System, Finally

And you know it's the end of the main song-hype season when today's update adds the promotional video.

...well okay, that alone is no indication of any sort; after all the trailer let us hear Kibou e no Melody (aka the game's theme song) for the first time, complete with vocals! Still, the update is breaking from the "OMG brand new songs and guest characters" format, so let's see anyway.

New Songs
 Angel Halo
「リッジレーサー3D」より from Ridge Racer 3D
 G意識過剰 G Ishiki Kajou
 夏竜 ~Karyu~ Summer Dragon ~Karyu~
 冬竜 ~Toryu~ Winter Dragon ~Toryu~
 Purple Rose Fusion

No new songs, and all of them has landed on a Wii (U) platform already. And oh jolly goodness for the Donders who buys a PSV just for V Version when there are going to at least four 10★s to break the buttons.

New Guest Characters
  • Critical Velocity

New Donder Quest Elements
Now that we have no more new songs to hype for, let's go back to good old selling the system for what it is! Newly revealed details about the story mode Donder Quest includes:
  • Locale-based Obstructions: Remember the good old days when only the boss fight has bar-blocking attacks? Now the elements literally fights against you too!
Look out below! Whoops!
Burn with spires of lava, or freeze with knee-deep snow!
(so cold the notes change faces too wwwww)
  • Boss Obstructions: With the above common stuff, we cannot look down on the bosses now, can we?
One of the first bosses Envigueur (French = in force) and we are already breaking the lanes and knocking away notes with enormous Noise-powered fists. Okay.
  • Multi-play: Play with/against up to 3 more people in Missions!

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  1. Sorry for ninja-modifying the post during its creation- you forgot to mention that the game's theme song was in the trailer, and that's something for a game we have to wait for its launch at least for other 40 days!

    Too bad we can't real-time discuss stuff within editors here... ^^"