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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

V Version Update: Pre-order Pitter-patter

A V Version update on Wednesday? What is this magic?

According to some of the vendors of the Chinese version, the first of the version's exclusive C-POP songs would be bundled with pre-orders (one download code per copy for one of the three songs, given randomly). Also there is a small key-chain plush toy too, so that's cute.

(song titles not translated)
 精舞門 羅志祥 Show Luo
 你是我的花朵 伍佰 Wu Bai
 920 A-Lin & 小宇 Xiaoyu Song

Plush image from this vendor's listing

Back to Amazon Japan's listing, which now states Amazing Grace (アメイジンググレイス) as a pre-order special towards the Japanese audience. Not naming the genre here because the last time we saw it was AC10 where the Children/Folk genre is still in console games.

Disclaimer: Vendor links are included as sources only. We are not endorsing any specific vendor here.

1 comment:

  1. Addendum: Missed this on first posting, but the Chinese version's preorder songs is given in the form of download codes, randomly attaching one to each copy.