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Thursday, May 28, 2015

V Version Update: More Songs + Attack of the Wagakki Band

For this week's V Version website update, we get yet more returning songs and the last of the game's default J-Pop tracks. Find out what's the fuss about by clicking 'Read more'!

New Songs
 華振舞 Hana Furumai NEW!
和楽器バンド Wagakki Band
 Ridge Racer
 ゆれるプリーツ実行委員 Yureru Pleats Jikkouin NEW!
feat. 団地ノ宮弥子 feat. Yako Danchinomiya
 散りゆく蘭の綴る詩 Chiriyuku Ran no Tsuduru Uta

Taiko V Version's last J-Pop track turned out to be a completely new one from the 2013 musical group Wagakki Band, which will also help Don-Chan on his Donder Quest as guest characters. Coming back to this Taiko game are also the once-arcade-exclusive song from the School Matters song series, the first of the many many Ridge Racer songs in Taiko and Lokamp's all-time favourite song from the Taiko games.

New Guest Characters
  • Wagakki Band

As a side note for today's update, it looks like that some of the previously-listed mysterious song list entries -marked as '???' before their reveal- have been completely removed from the website, meaning that the game will have marginally less songs upon release. 

From the count we already made a few weeks back (link), we have one song less for the Anime, Game Music and Namco Original genres and two songs less for the Vocaloid one. That's five songs less overall, which now brings the total of default songs of the game down to 86. It's still an impressive number, no less!

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