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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Update: Wadaiko Master is an official Namco release

This comes from an email I received from a fan three weeks ago but couldn't publish due to personal work. Sorry for the delay!

Anyway, this post is regarding the somewhat fishy-looking Brazilian version of Taiko HD, Wadaiko Master. South American players can set their minds at ease as this is not a hack; NBGI specifically licensed it for that region! One screenshot submitted (above) is from the cardboard banner on its side, showing the copyrights to Wadaiko Master on the cabinet itself.

The email also confirmed that under the Brazilian songs list, one of the three songs is owned by Namco themselves (Samba Alegria and its Ura, the one which is in Namco Original everywhere else), and the other two are considered in the public domain.

Still not convinced? This should seal the deal: a trademark licensing report from Bandai Namco themselves, filed for the name Wadaiko Master! Yup, it's all official.

The songlist is still pretty barebones, but it's heartening to see Taiko HD make it so far across the globe!

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