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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

First Video: Thank You!

 Thank You! (3/4/5/8; 500 notes on Oni)
The thanks is not from us, but from the Idolm@sters to the fans/producers! The second week of the Idolm@ster mega-collab reveals the new dancer set featuring characters from the Million Live spinoff. Like the Cinderella Girls set, this group also only features three main dancers.

Notechart-wise, it opens with a few slow katsus then on with the normal, moderate 8★ fare: a good mix of clusters from triples to 5-hits, a few prominent hanging doubles that start off-beat, and a dash of isolated long streams. Call Notechart elements popular with many new Idolm@ster notecharts are also present here and there (especially in other diffs).

PS. Any Idolm@sters expert here? We might do a feature on Call Notecharts by the end of this collaboration, and would like to be filled in with the Idolm@ster side of history.

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