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Thursday, May 28, 2015

First Video: Spider Flash Rolling Thunder!

For a completely personal reason (to make this start off weird, duh) I am putting Lassen Gorelai up front. It's the First Videos for today's version update!

 ラッスンゴレライ Lassen Gorelai (3/5/5/7; 556 notes on Oni)
Do excuse for the added funky techno remix and the autotune, because the original act was without a musical basis, and would be hard to make an enjoyable Taiko notechart over. As a 7★ Oni, Lassen Gorelai marks a rather hefty challenge, with relatively high density of notes. The overtaking drumrolls at "Spider Flash Rolling Thunder" may be distracting, so it might help to get familiarize with the act. This is easily the most difficult regular notechart added today.

...oh wait, we're not done with Spider Flash Rolling Thunder yet:

 ラッスンゴレライ Lassen Gorelai (806 notes on 9★ Ura Oni)
The first Ura notechart for a true Variety song (no Touhou arrange and the defected Vocaloid songs don't count)! (sorry but Yawaraka Sensha) With generally even more volume, actually charted overtaking notes across "Spider Flash Rolling Thunder", and long mixed streams that used to only be common in The Carnivorous Carnival and the like, this 9★ is a real deal not to be looked down.

 Daydream café (3/5/6/7; 371 notes on Oni)
Now back to normal Anime regions. A rather lenient 7★ Oni, even quite light on 16ths, at a mellow speed and ambience.

 ゲッタバンバン Getta Banban (2/4/5/6; 300 notes on Oni)
Another light and peppy Pokemon opening theme, yay! You can tell I am lacking things to say.

 GOIN'!!! (3/4/5/6; 346 notes on Oni)
We just can't shake the feeling that this Idolm@ster collaboration is to add a bunch of Call Notecharts to the game. The notecount 346 is also the production company in the Cinderella Girls line, as if we haven't said that enough times.

...oh wait, again we are not done here:

 GOIN'!!! (513 notes on 8★ Ura Oni)
Remember when we relayed the fact that there is a special notecount number to commemorate the new Cinderella Girls CD releasing on May 13? Here it is. More sofuran, overtaking large notes and longer stream all over!


  1. well apparently there is first true variety song that have first ura oni..... is the yawaraka sensha....