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Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Video: Shikou no Ran

Happy weekend! It's May 2nd and time for a first video of a song that a lot of Taiko fans has been waiting.

 紫煌ノ乱 Shikou no Ran (5/6/8/10; 823 notes on Oni)
While defying previous voting results and still going to 10★ levels, the third and final no Ran song is definitely tamest of the three, at least in the sense that it is down-to-earth with only 183 BPM and no 32th notes.

The chart starts with and stay mostly consisted of barrages of 16th clusters of , with the more "new 10★"-like one long Dokadoka-like stream and more 24th peppered only towards the end.

In DonChare news, May's goals base a lot off Zeami's three signature series as of now (while still allowing for more basic choices in some of the goals) under some rather fancy and tasteful flavor text, and... hold on, the Group Challenge (8760 times Shikou no Ran) is already done, only 11 hours in?

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