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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (March 25 2015) - First Update (1.07) on Murasaki ver.

Hello everyone! Surprise blog post today about the first ever update on Murasaki ver., including new exciting songs and other new exciting features! So new and exciting we are going to ignore April Fools and date it next week on April 1!

New Songs
 君に桜ヒラリと舞う Kimi ni Sakura-hirari to Mau
 あったかいんだからぁ♪ Attakai'n Dakara♪
 ケラケラじゃんけん Kerakera Jyanken

This time we are treated with quite a peculiar selection: idol group Doll☆Elements' first song on Taiko no Tatsujin with a traditionally Japanese vibe, a warm song emerged into virality from one punchline in the artist/comedian Kumamushi's comedy act, and a song about Rock, Paper, Scissors by the band Kerakera!

All three will be joining the rest of Murasaki debuts in the New Song Festival special folder.

New Folders
Speaking of folders, the two new special folders announced last livestream will be joining the (already starting to get long) ranks of convenience!

The Everyone's Favourites! Fixture Special (みんな大好き!定番曲特集) folder will take songs that have stayed in the games for long but still widely loved and played. The Hit Song Special (ヒットソング特集) folder, on the other hand, takes popular songs that are newer in the chronology of musical acts.


New Title Parts Gacha
Adding to the Donder Hiroba Title Parts Gacha at the same time are five new title parts, including Hero (英雄), Oya2 (おや2), Intelligentsia (インテリ), Carnival (カーニバル) and Eh? (えっ?).

New Friend Invite System
And the friend invite system has been decided to be named Don-friend Invite Campaign (ドン友招待キャンペーン)! How does it work then? Check out this step-by-step guide:
  1. Check out the invite serial code from the campaign page on Donder Hiroba
  2. Get your friend to join the Donder Hiroba service
  3. Give him/her the serial code
  4. Friend enters serial code, which also sends a friend request
  5. Accept the friend request
  6. Profit (petit-chara Suwaru-Don to both of you)
  7. Have a nice TAIKO life...♪

For the grant to work, the two Donders have to be mutual friends on Donder Hiroba. Seeing that could be a problem for those uber-socialites who already maxed out their friend limit, that ceiling will be raised at the same time from 55 → 60.

Other Fixes
  • Further changes to Don-chan's word bubbles at the results screen, specifically when not playing with a Banapassport, not ranked in for cabinet rankings, and/or playing with Shin-uchi on. The bubble will disappear some time after appearing.
  • Fixing glitches with giving the Shimedore 2000 title Shimedore Master (〆ドレーの達人). The titles will be retroactively re-given on the Donder Hiroba on the day of the update.

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