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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (Mar 5 2015) - Murasaki Release Livestream: More Details

More reasons to watch next Wednesday's livestream, you say? Taiko Team got you covered! Let's take out our red pen and mark down the new stuff into last week's schedule, shall we?

Time: March 10, 19:00 ~ Murasaki release
Link: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv211707931
Who: Daifuku, Masubuchi, Takemoto, notecharters, Etou
Guests: Sachi (of Harineko), Tatsh

Part 1 (approx. 19:30~21:30)
  • Murasaki ver. new info - what's up right at launch and incoming updates, from songs, functionalities and Ranking Dojo!
  • "Revenge of the Taiko Sister" - Daifuku challenges Natsu Matsuri Oni again after Tokaigi 2015 failure, for the "Daifuku" title part.
  • Guest Corner with Sachi/Namco Original Backstage - Inviting the lovely vocalist for Jikuuchou Sousa 2-ka, expect talks, lyrics breakdown and perhaps even a petit live session?
  • Guest Corner with Tatsh - picking up on last stream's teaser of the "finale no Ran", let's hear Tatsh about it and decide on the song title too! Sneak peek of the yet-nameless song included.
Part 2 (approx. 22:00~23:30)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin series new info
  • Murasaki ver. new info (2)
  • Taiko notecharters: Small talk live - the livestream spinoff of Kuboken's Know Your Notecharter features: now you can see them and hear them live!
Midnight Extra Credit (24:00~next morning)
  • Le Tombeau de No-plan
Everybody Comments! Challenge Goals
  • 10,000 comments: Twitter icon
  • 20,000 comments: 500 Shopping Points (to Hiroba members as of March 15)
  • 30,000 comments: Title part (to Hiroba members as of March 15)
  • 50,000 comments: Smartphone wallpaper
  • 76,500 comments: Tatsudon Goods Request Corner
  • 87,600 comments: Puchi-chara (Taiko originals) Request Corner
  • 100,000 comments: Limited revivals! Rewards Shop addition from March 16
    • Base goal:  Surfside Satie and  Mirai e no Kagi
    • Stretch goal 50,000 viewers:  Burning Force Medley and  Total Eclipse 2035
    • Stretch goal 76,500 viewers:  Metal Hawk BGM1

While we let the red ink dry, timeshift the show and/or just stick to the stream on time! See you again.

Link to original post

PS. Question: Do you want one of us Taiko Time staff members to live tweet at @taikotimeblog during the stream (subject to real life etc.)? Vote here (via strawpoll.me).


  1. Replies
    1. How about taiko AC for america instead? That would make me the happiest camper

  2. The new "no Ran" is 2 minutes long, with 365 BPM and a very fast song pattern, It's 10* for sure.
    Go time skip to 2:02:13.

  3. 紫煌ノ乱 maybe the new name?