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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (Mar 19 2015) - Tournaments, and What You Want of Them

We are having a slightly different vibe in today's Namco Taiko Blog from Etou, who takes the time to sincerely talk to you, and more importantly hearing from you, about something near and dear to the franchise: Tournaments.

Players: Do you want more tournaments to join? Arcade centers (and staff): Do you want more tournaments to host? Etou and the Taiko Team are here to listen to your fresh opinions, and to help making what you hope a reality.

Write now via Twitter to @taiko_time to express your thoughts and even proposals! The Team is open for opinion from March 19 (in fact now!) until March 31.

For discussion's sake, this time we are not talking about large-scale national tournaments or online events over the Donder Hiroba, but more towards real-life, local arcade tournaments hosted by real-life arcade centers. Be on the lookout when the Team returns to these two in the future!

For the truest sentiments and gratitude from Etou which we are not going to butcher here, please do check out the original post.

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