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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kanjani no Shiwake Eight Ends

Notable with us for hosting regular Taiko no Tatsujin battles and tournaments, the rather long running (almost 3 years now) variety show Kanjani no Shiwake Eight (関ジャニの仕分け∞) has aired its final episode on March 21 2015. Specially remarkable is that the show has been using quite a lot of newly charted J-POP songs (with the original recording no less), only seen in the show and the limited exhibition cabinet at the TV Asahi station (already retreated 2013 year-end).

The battles in the last episode uses Kurenai on Muzukashii and the limited Oni notechart of LOVE PHANTOM, reproduced in Taiko Sanjiro as below. Resident challenger Oogura has full combo-ed both attempts and wins over his previous rival.

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