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Monday, March 23, 2015

Day by Day! Lyrics (Unofficial)

Composer: Kazuaki Miyaji (宮路一昭), as TONES Project
Lyrics, Vocal: MANA

Note: This is yet to be a confirmed set of lyrics, only a popular speculation. This will be fixed when the official lyrics have been released.

そっと目を閉じて (sotto me o tojite)
夢見るように 恋が回り始めた (yumemiru you ni koi ga mawari hajimeta)
たった一粒の ずっと輝いてた (tatta hitotsubu no zutto kagayaiteta)
瞳の奥 ときめき残して (hitomi no oku tokimeki nokoshite)

形が 芽生える瞬間を (katachi ga mebaeru shunkan o)
ドキドキ隠しきれずにいたね (dokidoki kakushi kirezu ni ita ne)
明日も明後日も ほら信じていたいよ (ashita mo asatte mo hora shinjite itai yo)
今日は ハジマリの日 (kyou wa hajimari no hi)

そうさ Day by Day! (sousa day by day!)
いつも探している (itsu mo sagashiteiru)
この気持ち 神様からのプレゼントね (kono kimochi kamisama kara no present ne)

きっと Shining Day! (kitto shining day!)
奏でる音 キャンバスに描くよ (kanaderu oto canvas ni egaku yo)
いつも どんな時もそう (itsu mo donna toki mo sou)
ずっと感じていたいよ 君を (zutto kanjite itai yo kimi o)

自分らしくいても 大丈夫かな (jibunrashiku ite mo daijoubu kana)
君らしく 笑ってくれたら それでいいよ (kimirashiku waratte kuretara sore de ii yo)

きっと Shining Day! (kitto shining day!)
ふたりの音 大空に描いて (futari no oto oozora ni egaite)
いつか ここに咲かせよう (itsuka koko ni sakaseyou)
もっと大切な花 キミと (motto taisetsu na hana kimi to)

English Translation
Gently closing your eyes
Like seeing into a dream, love has gone around and started again
Only one small grain shining much
In the back of the eyes, leaving excitement of a crush

At the instant the shape sprouts
The pounding has yet to be hidden
Be it tomorrow or the day after, see, I would want to believe
Today is the day of beginnings

So yeah, Day by Day!
I am always searching for it
This feeling, like a present from the gods

Surely, Shining Day!
Draw the played notes onto the canvas
As always, whatever time it too will be
The one I always want to feel, is you

I wonder if it's okay, to be apparently just by myself
But when I hear laughter that seems like yours, that is nice too

Surely, Shining Day!
Draw the notes of two onto the vast sky
At any time, blossomed right here will be
That precious flower, with you

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