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Friday, February 13, 2015

Twitter Snippets: Taiko Murasaki ver. at JAEPO 2015

It's finally here! JAEPO will officially open its showfloor tomorrow and the Taiko Team sneaked in a couple of preview shots at what they're up to inside, setting up the booth and turning on Murasaki for the very first time.

Look out for the Tatsudon T-shirts tomorrow!

nigelliusnitrox's Addendum: Hmm the banners sure are nice... wait, hold on... Zoom in... Enhance image...

Yes! Looks like in addition of Hatsukoitouge de Geragerapo, its twin Yokai Watch opening theme Matsuribayashi de Geragerapo (祭り囃子でゲラゲラポー) is also scheduled for Murasaki ver. Leaks ahoy!

And let's not stop there: Checking series producer Ken Nakadate's photographic tweet at a stage event, we can see the other side of the pop banners, and the last pink flag resembles the logo of the newest PreCure series, and its opening theme Miracle Go! Princess PreCure (Miracle Go!プリンセスプリキュア).


  1. I've got a round 1 opening up near me around the time murasaki comes out. Is it possible it'll come here? I doubt they'll use the same taiko 14 since it's outdated, but is it possible?

    1. Very unlikely. Asia version would probably be second in line, and we have no word from either the official page, agents or operators as of now. And yes, HD Taiko software cannot fit into AC14 or older cabinets.

  2. I know that, i'm saying because it's a new location, they'll get newer machines. Every round 1 i've been to used taiko 14. It'd be nice though