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Monday, February 16, 2015

Taiko Postcards from JAEPO 2015

Now that this year's edition of the Japan Amusement Expo is over, we can talk about the Oni leaks ratings for the new songs, thanks to both Twitter users and early video footage.

Coming from a recently-made tweet, the Oni ratings for most of Murasaki Version's songs have been leaked, resulting in these ratings:

7* Oni for Follow Me and Hatsukoitouge de Geragerapo;
8* Oni for Dragon Night, Seishun Satsubatsu-ron, M.S.S.Planet (624 notes), Iro wa Nioedo Chirinuru o and Rainmaker;
9* Oni for Gensou no Satellite (611 notes) and Zero no Rhapsody (835 notes).

Some video footage appeared as well, but most of it has been taken down after copyright claims, such as Sekai no Owari's latest song on Taiko, Dragon Night. This doesn't stop us from having notechart details: it's the first song after many years to feature Oni forked paths, with Master Route switching between 1/24 and even-note 1/16 clusters most of the time. Max Combo is reported to be 492, but the few people who have seen the video report that the player switched to the Advanced route once, so it doesn't feature the whole Master route patterns.

What we have video for, instead, is a Taikojiro re-creation of new Namco Original Zero no Rhapsody's Oni notechart, together with low-quality audio registered at JAEPO. Enjoy!

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