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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yet another Meiji x Taiko no Tatsujin Collaboration!

After two Taiko 3DS-related collaborations, sweet snacks company Meiji teams up once again with the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise, and this time the arcades are the main focus!

Running from December 9th, 2014 to January 28th, 2015, this event is actually a 2-parter one, running tho different limited activities together at the same time. In the first one, Banapassport players can compete into a sweets competition, with the possibility of joining one of two teams -Team Mushroom and Team Bamboo- both based on 2 chocolate-flavored Meiji snacks. Whoever team gets the highest amount of points during the event gets some currently not mentioned awards in Taiko Kimidori. Who will rise victorious?

For the second event, we have a costume giveaway for the most gluttonous of the Donders! In the same fashion of the limited costume unlocks back in Codename Katsu-Don days, players who show a box of strawberry-flavored Meiji candies on the cabinet's camera before playing will have two promotional outfits -the same as in Taiko 3DS 2- depending on the candy box being scanned, always between mushroom and bamboo-shaped candies. Only one box can be scanned with one play, so at least two play sessions are required for having both the outfits.



The costumes can be claimed until February 28th, 2015, so act fast!

For more informations about this collab, check its related promo page on Meiji's website.

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