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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Super Namco Bros. - Wii U Edition!

Nintendo's biggest fighting game franchise has finally reached all the areas of the world for their latest home console! As such, everyone is now able to detect a lot more tunes from many different composers, with both figures returning from the 3DS version and Wii U-exclusive artists. Let's have a look at what other tracks we have from Taiko-related composers we got!

Before starting, however, a pair of disclaimers. First of all, this lists includes only the songs new to the Wii U version of Smash Bros, but keep in mind that all the tracks from the 3DS game are also available on the home console title; if you want to know what these tracks are, just check out this blog entry. Second of all is yet another SPOILER ALERT! Some unlockable characters may appear in the videos below, so watch out if you're still unaware of the extra characters for this game and want to keep your mind spoiler-free.

Picking up with the last article's order, we begin with Jesahm, which has made an arrangement for the first SNES Fire Emblem title.

Right after that we have Torine, whose music (once again) is mainly used for menu purposes. Alongside with the 3DS tracks, there are these ones from Master Orders and Crazy Orders, the Wii U game's two exclusive 1-player modes

After the Rainbow Road medley for the 3DS version, Ryo Watanabe has made an additional track, featuring a remix of the fashion-oriented title Style Savvy: Trendsetters.

Aside with Rio Hamamoto, another Ridge Racer composer joins the fray in the Wii U version of the game! Kohta Takahashi comes in with this peculiar arrangement of the first Metroid game's title BGM.

Also new to the Smash Bros. panorama, Hiroshi Okubo has made a Super Mario World Medley and a remix for music from Wii Fit's first sequel on the original Wii console.

From Yano Yoshito, the only new track we get comes in form of musical remix about tunes from the SNES classic Yoshi's Island.

Once again stepping in when boss fight are behind the corner, Linda AI-Cue composed the two additional tracks for the fight against the Master Fortress, the new ultimate form assumed by the Master Core on really high difficulty levels.

Like the last time, let's end this feature with guest composers from other games that became somewhat related to the Taiko lore! For the Wii U game we have only one artist, but its presence won't be passed unnoticed easily: resident GungHo composer Kenji Ito has made 5 more tracks for the home console version of this fighting game,with each one of these coming from different games.

About the other 'external rhythm game composers' we have little to talk about, as the in-game songlist has made us know so far. ZUNTATA member Shohei Tsuchiya has the two tracks from the 3DS game coming back, but no tracks in the complete songlist at all mention in any way Hirokazu 'COSIO' Koshio, despite the fact that he's being mentioned in both the contributors list (on the games' website) and the staff roll. Will the soundtrack CDs reveal new informations upon their release?

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