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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Song of the Week! 14 December 2014

Sorry for the 1-day delay!

For today's feature, here's one of the returning songs for the last regular DLC packs for the latest Taiko 3DS game. Guns-a-blazin'!

Taiko 14, Taiko Wii 3x5 (140)x6 (184)x7 (288)x8 (529)
Taiko 3DS 2x4 (140)x5 (184)x6 (288)x8 (529)
 Taiko 14, Taiko Wii 3, Taiko 3DS 2

For December's DLC pack, this Game Music track from the 14th arcade is going to return in the console games scenario, as announces in the December livestream session. Upon its release on 3DS, its star ratings have been updated, and the previously-announced change to the Namco Original proved to be a simple printing mistake, but what the actual song about?

Composed by Shinji 'Sampling Masters Mega' Hosoe (細江慎治), DESERT STORM is the BGM track for the first level of the Namco vertical flying scrolling shooter F/A, released in 1992 under the Namco NA-1 16-bit system board. Gameplay-wise, the title is not unlike any other games from the same genre, but it allows the player to choose among 16 different kinds of jets coming from many air-forces of different nationality, each with their own unique weapons. The letters of the game's title stand for Fighter & Attacker, which is also the title being used for the Western versions of the game and the Japanese re-releases as well.

On Taiko grounds, DESERT STORM is the last song -up to date- whose patterns have been made by the mysterious charting unit known as 'The People Behind Etou's Seats' (エトウの後ろの席の人), after Game Music tracks DADDY MULK and Metal Hawk BGM1. The low speed and the dense mini-note clusters sections make it for a short yet intense challenge for the 8* Oni tier.

DESERT STORM is used as one of the DLC Story Mode chapters' boss song, being involved in the battle against the Time Dyne gang's palette swap version.

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