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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mushroom/Bamboo Battle on Kimidori

Together with today's song update, Kimidori also adds the Meiji collaboration a la the battle between chocolate mushrooms and bamboo shoots with players' credit scores.

This video shows the bits on the Kimidori arcade build added for the battle. You can directly go and choose the team you want, or use the camera feature to unlock the collab outfit(s) (not shown). Your total scores across all songs are put into the team scores, plus different bonuses that is active at that time. Then we are also shown the cabinet leader of the day. The overall national tally and regional leaders can be checked at the special collaboration site, on a yellow-green colored Japan map.

Welcome back after the break. And now we redux the missed details in the Namco Taiko Blog on December 4 about the little specifics of the battle. Yay Taiko Time mis-step!

There are three types of bonuses that can happen. The bonuses that are in effect are signaled at a corner in the opening, which is helpful to spot the best time to rally your favourite team.

  • Support Bonus (2x to 5x) - respective of the current cabinet totals
  • 2-player Bonus (2x) - when two players play a session
  • Fever Bonus (2x) - randomly happening by chance

On Donder Hiroba, and Battle Ranks
Depending on the score you have contributed to your team, you are given different ranks to praise your work. You can check your rank, overall ranking in the team, and other details on Donder Hiroba.

Minigame on the Collab Site
There is also a minigame on the collaboration site that contribute scores to the teams, if you feel like giving a little extra boost. These don't count to your personal total and ranks, though.

So What After All This?
After the fires of battle die down, the winning team will receive a celebratory outfit, and the losing team won't! Well, not immediately for now, but eventually. Also no matter which team you are on, you will also receive the title "(your team) + (your battle rank)".

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