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Friday, December 12, 2014

A quick look to Tatsh's latest album

Before jumping into the Taiko Team livestream hype, here's something to look foward by the end of this year! What you're looking at is the cover art of FRONTIER, the next album for Tatsuya Shimizu's Tatsh Music Circle.

As promised by the composer himself, one of the album's tracks will be Yuugen no Ran, the winning Taiko song from last month's poll. However, the song might not be the exact same one from the Taiko games, as its title for this album is being reported as 'Yuugen no Ran -Album New Mix-' (幽玄ノ乱 -Album New Mix-). Are we going to have a long version or a different arrangement for this tune?

FRONTIER will be released one day before the end of this year, on December 30th, packaged with special paper bag and IC-card stickers. Tatsh's newly-made Youtube channel also offers a short video, featuring bits for each of the songs inside the album.

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