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Friday, November 7, 2014

Twitter Snippets (November 7 2014) - Ranking Dojo Data, Kimidori ver.

Today Takemoto steps in for Etou and brings us Ranking Dojo data! Check out the pie chart showing the maximum ranks players can clear, and the bar chart of the fail/pass/gold proportions in the tweet above! Tatsujin, as tough as ever, just saw its third clear not too long ago, and still zero gold clears.

Also notable is that while 4-dan was the main "mid-boss" obstacle in the Momoiro Dojo, this incarnation see multiple intermediate ranks as tough for challengers (like 1-kyu and 2-dan, sandwiching a quite well performed Shodan). Let's hope the new Taiko School functionality gives good advice to overcome them!

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