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Monday, November 17, 2014

Taiko Wii U2: On Denjin Gacha! and Intro-don

Nope, no furage yet. But here is some related footage. Taiko no Tatsujin Tokumori recently made it to the game/anime news and variety show Denjin Gacha. Taiko Team's Daifuku visits as a special guest and walks everyone through while the hosts tries to stumble through play some of the game's many features.

This show is special because it showcases a more complete picture of the new game mode of Intro-don (イントロどん). The part begins at around 19:50 and they played a total of six questions. Can you get the answers quicker than the hosts (who mostly failed in a time-up anyway lol)?

Here is a rundown of the mode: For each question, the roulette runs and chooses one player who is responsible to choose a genre (J-POP, Anime+Variety, Vocaloid and so on) to focus on. Then 10 seconds of the intro is played. Press the button/hit the drum to stop the playback and go to the song list when you think you know the answer. Points goes to you if you are correct. The longer you took to listen the less points it is worth.

There are also different chance events throwing in randomly to makes thing unexpected. The Chorus Chance (さびメロチャンス) gives you the chorus preview instead (like in the regular song select). In the Drumroll Chance (連打チャンス) you have to clear bowlful of foods with drumroll to attempt an answer, instead of just one hit.

Did this more complete look of Intro-don pique your interest? Stay tuned for more Wii U2 news!

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