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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (27 November 2014): Kimidori's Fluffy December Holiday!

Bumper crop news week from Taiko Team ends today, this time announcing the monthly Donchare and costumes for December 2014!

Remember AJURIKA? No? He's Akitaka Tohyama (遠山明孝), the creator of classic Namco Original song The Carnivorous Carnival. Next month's Donchare song is his creation, and it's titled.... 

Evidence of evil!

You could shorten the song's title to 'evievi', which in Japanese is 'エビエビ' (prawn prawn). While The Carnivorous Carnival is widely known by its shortform 'canicani' ('カニカニ', crab crab). And they share the same composer. Sounds like a sequel song? I sure think so!

Next up, the costumes for December features the ultra-fluffy Alpaca!

Body piece! Here Don-chan kind of looks like a fluffy cloud.

And the head piece, with the actual alpaca neck and head!

Put them together and....

...voila! A perfect Don-paca! Fluff it up by playing once on a JP Taiko Kimidori this December with a Banapassport!

As for this month's costume, the Goth set (which is also two pieces), after it expires on November 30th, players will still be able to get it.

-The headpiece by playing once with a Banapassport, and;
-The body piece goes to the Rewards Shop in Donder Hiroba

Lastly, the team reminds all donders to stay tuned to the next livestream on December 12th, 2014! Get hyped for all the good stuff; AOU block finals collaboration songs, the new Touhou songs from the Autumn Reitaisai, December 9th's update and these! It's an eventful month for Taiko arcades like no other!

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