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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (25 November 2014) - Tenkaichi Otogesai's Block Finals Songs


As you can see from the title, this surely isn't no surprise to us, isn't it?

We already covered the four new songs yesterday, so let's jump quickly to some of the more obscure details: on Taiko, the three songs from external rhythm games (Scars of FAUNA, FUJIN Rumble and VERTeX) will be grouped in the Game Music section, while Yuuji Masubutchi's Ignis Danse will be put in the Namco Original genre, making it his latest NO tune on Taiko after villain Dr.Waruru's theme song, back on Taiko Wii 2 days!

Look forward to video footage of these songs tomorrow, together with another out-of-schedule Taiko Team blog entry about the incoming new arcade software upgrade!

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...well, you found us again!

Despite the heavier gravitation of hype towards the Tenkaichi Otogesai collaboration, we still keep an eye on the Touhou Project's latest goodies on Taiko. While we still have to talk about the Taiko Team tweets about the event, the Promotional Songs page for the latest arcade generation already includes the star ratings for the three event-exclusive King of Touhou winner songs.

Ratings for the other four, soon-to-arrive songs are also being leaked, but since documentation on those is pretty scarce at the moment -heavilly voicing on the Oni modes for the songs being all rated 8*stars (except for Gensou no Satellite, which is 9*)- we prefer to wait until further confirmation has been revealed by others.

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