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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (11 November 2014) - Version 6.12! Kimidori Update

As anticipated by the Taiko Team in the last stream, the next mini-updated is approaching fast, adding a couple of tweaks to the latest Taiko arcade firmware system. Now we have more content to share on the subject matter, thanks to a sudden new entry in the official blog!

Popping in every Kimidori arcade on November 18th, Kimidori Version's Game Version 6.21 introduces a couple of new things: the 8-bit edit of Hige DriVAN's Tokyo Soda (東京ソーダ) as a new Namco Original and the Top-Scores pop-up plates.

Function-wise, Game Version 6.12 features the "return" of Cabinet Rankings, similar to what rankings were before AC14. For each song and each difficulty, the cabinet will store the three best scores ever played on it, and the name of the Donders who accomplished the feats.


In the song select screen, Cabinet Rankings is over your Personal Best plate, alternating in order. After entering the difficulty, the Cabinet Rankings will show according to the difficulty you are currently highlighting.

And if you successfully get into the top three, the Cabinet Rankings plate will enter the result screen and show you the ranking update. Feel the glory!

You might find a lack of scores at the beginning, because cabinets only start taking these records after the update. It is a good time to leave a mark before the true experts hogs all the high rankings!

Sadly, we don't have any screenshots of Tokyo Soda in the songlist, so we have to wait next Tuesday to find out its star ratings. See you in 2 days, with the regular Thursday blog entry!

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