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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Across Japan: Kimidori Asia gets 3 new songs

Another mid-month update for Taiko Kimidori (Asia)!

Three new songs will be added to it on November 13th, 2014 (this coming Thursday), which echoes last month's Japanese update that added the same songs. They are:

Game Music
  • Picopico Mappy (ピコピコ マッピー)
Namco Original
  • Picopico Ruin (ピコピコ ルイン)
  • Yureru Pleats Jikkouiin (ゆれるプリーツ実行委員)
All of Prof. Sakamoto's crossover songs made it in! And we were worried after his Vocaloid song failed to make it into Asia last month...not sure why.

Click the link above to watch some play videos  and steel yourself for Picopico Ruin's difficult 10* Ura Oni!

Original Facebook Post

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