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Monday, September 8, 2014

Taiko Plus - Old and New updates

We're having a Taiko Plus talk even today, as we're having a look to both new features and a collaboration event we forgot to advertise on this blog before...

Starting from the latter, between the two already-known Taiko RPG cross-over event, there was actually another one in between, which hasn't been advertised so loudly in the Donder page!

This crossover event lasts between August 22nd and September 18th; like for the other two documented occasions, players can download and play during this period two free songs for free by purchasing them with Taiko RPG's daily Musical Stones: Cruel Angel's Thesis (with Ura Oni) and Beethoven's Symphony No.5. Apologies for not warning you about this event before!

Now on to more fresh stuff. As we know from yesterday, Taiko Plus is having another week-long Puzzle & Dragons collaboration event, starting from today. Aside from the stuff being revealed yesterday (link), there is also a proud addition to the Taiko + PazuDora pack: the song Kessen!! (決戦!!) from the 3DS game Puzzle & Dragons Z. The PazuDora pack is still priced 400 Yen, as more tunes are planned to be added sometime in the future. Check out a first video of this new Game Music tune!

The Fun Time corner also added a selection of PazuDora themed goods. Get one of eight costume/Taiko skin/game theme/smartphone wallpaper by rolling the in-game gashapon.

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