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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Taiko no Tatsujin at TGS '14

As you are reading tthis the Taiko no Tatsujin presentation at this year's Tokyo Game Show just ended, and everyone got to try out the new Wii U Taiko for the remainder of the event. This year we got more than just random

Contrary to what was stated before about the events on the Family Stage, the Taiko Tokumori presentation was actually being streamed for all the non-attenders to enjoy. This meant one big thing: thanks to some screencap, now we know the game's full starting songlist!

First of all, we have the star ratings for two of the new songs: AKB48's Labrador Retriever (3/4/5/7) and HERO -Main Theme- (3/4/6/8), from the Variety genre. We also come to know that there are no other songs for J-Pop, Anime and Variety in the starting songlist.

And now, for the most juicy stuff! On top of knowing the Classic genre's starting songlist, we also happen to know that the CreoFUGA-spawn Karamari no Hana and Eternal bond are both included in Tokumori's starting songlist. As for the Classic genre, here's what is returning on Wii U:
  • Turkish March (Mozart)
  • March of the Toy Soldiers
  • Entertainer
  • Kare Kano Kanon
  • Holdiridia
  • Rhapsody in Blue
  • Ruslan and Lyudmilla Overture
  • Thunder and Lightning Polka
  • Minuet
Yeah, once again we have no new Classic songs (at least with the basic songlist, who knows what could be unlocked...Dokadoka maybe?), but there still is something new for players who have not yet played a Nintendo home console Taiko game! We also come to know about some star changes for the Turkish March, as this picture shows.

Even the Game Music genre is stingy with the song selection, in terms of brand-new songs (well, aside for the two already-revealed new tunes!). A few new arcade ports here and there. From left to right, here's what's new:
  • The Windmill Song
  • Wings of Tomorrow (Tatsujin Mix)
  • Honey Heartbeat ~10 Stars Mix~
  • GO MY WAY!!
  • Ridge Racer
  • Taiko March
  • Babel no Tou
  • Symphonic Druaga
  • Tower of Druaga Medley
It's kind of weird that the Game Music genre's two new songs (Hikaru Yami and the new Dragon Ball Heroes theme) are not being displayed for the TGS event, but at least we now know the name of the theme song: Morimori☆Tokumori Rhythm♪ (もりもり☆特盛リズム♪).

As for the rest of the Namco Original genre's tracklist, we have a mix of arcade-exclusive songs and old console tunes that started their journey on Nintendo home console games as unlockable tunes:
  • Caramel Time☆
  • G Ishiki Kajou
  • Chiheisen no Aeolia
  • Mekadesu.
  • Tsukikage SASURAI
  • Rumble Ranbu
  • Rotter tarmination
  • dance storm
  • Taiko Time
The collaborations between Taiko, Funassyi and Monster Hunter were also mentioned in the stage event, with the image below. New promo Tote Bags and collaboration songs for everyone! A new DLC song, Monster Hunter 4G Medley, will be free for a limited time after Taiko no Tatsujin: Tokumori's release, like Let It Go for Taiko 3DS2.

One last thing worth mentioning is that the Taiko RPG Da-Don i-device game is featuring a promotional dungeon about the NicoVideo host Hyakka. See you later with the Song of the Week feature!

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