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Monday, September 22, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (September 22 2014) - Peekaboo Update V4.xx

|・_・) *peeks*
|・_・)/ Surprise blog?
|・u・)/ Surprise blog.

OK that preview was us emulating Takemoto's opening tweet to the surprise blog post.
Getting back to the main topic: Another update for Kimidori ver., to Version 4.xx (not determined yet)! The update goes live on October 1, and adds the following things:

New songs
  •  ピコピコ マッピー ~マッピーメドレー × サカモト教授~
    Picopico Mappy~Mappy Medley × Prof. Sakamoto~
  •  ピコピコ ルイン ~セイクリッド ルイン × サカモト教授~
    Picopico Ruin ~Sacred Ruin× Prof. Sakamoto~
  •  ゆれるプリーツ実行委員 ~feat. 団地ノ宮弥子~
    Yureru Pleats Jikkoiin ~feat. Yako Danchinomiya~
Remember Professor Sakamoto's last visit to the Taiko livestream? This update adds his two 8-bit remixes that was performed then, of Mappy Medley and Sacred Ruin. Forgot how they go? Check back the videos from our recap!

Also there is this Yureru Pleats Jikkoiin (lit. Swinging Pleats Executive Committee) song which... uh I don't really know because they didn't say. For now just imagine what it could sound like from the title, I guess? Yay~

Ranking Dojo and Taiko School

Yes the long-awaited Ranking Dojo is back! With a total of 22 ranks (more than Momoiro's 16), a lot more fun and challenge can be had!

The new companion mode Taiko School will update its content automatically as you clear or fail any rank. Train on these suggested songs to hone your skills before a re-test.

You can also check and change the Taiko School settings via the Donder Hiroba, like the target rank and the selection of songs (use the check boxes). There are also accompanying tutorial text that might give you new techniques on the rank trial.

For more information on both additions, do sit at the livestream this Friday!

Link to the original post

PS. Yes the last Namco Taiko Blog mentioned the final goal would unlock a 6/8-beat song. Well turns out that intended song is more like 3/4-beat Namco Original. If that misguided you blame it on the Taiko Team not well-studied in music theory.

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