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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Taiko AC0 Asia: Monthly Facebook Tournaments!









Asian Donders is really missing out a lot without the Donder Hiroba eh? No DonChare, challenge sending and online tournaments... So the title above should be a big eye opener!

Announced on the official AC0 Asia Facebook Page, a online tournament will be held every month from September 2014 onwards. Joining is easy: just play the designated songs with your Banapassport! The server will automatically take your best score for the tourney.

AC0 Asia Sept 2014 Tourney Schedule
  • Song candidates Announcement: Sept 3
  • Tourney Commences: Sept 6~14
  • Results Announcement: Sept 17
Tourney Rules
  • All scores sent to the servers for the designated songs with a Banapassport counts into the Tourney.
  • No limit for how many tries. The best score will be taken.
  • Shin-uchi scores are not counted.
  • Other modifiers are free to use.
  • Two sections, using Oni and Muzukashii respectively, is opened with different song candidates.
  • The best 20 players in each section is listed at the Results Announcement.

What songs will the first ever Tournament use? What songs do you want to see in future tournaments? Share here and at the official AC0 Facebook!

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