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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Staff Interview: nigelliusnitrox

Who are you and what are you doing here?
Nigellius Nitrox here! It's just a pseudonym, as is "tetsutaro" and "Hisashi Yarouin" in other parts of the interwebs. Let's keep RL details to a minimum, like that I have access to AC0 Asia version cabinets, okay? Okay.

I write a little, sometimes make customs for MBY and also recently curates the @taikotimeblog Twitter. Also the resident hipster, for that matter.

When did you start playing Taiko?
Weirdly, I remember that as being "4 months into the release of DS2", which is also the first one I own.

What was your first Taiko arcade version?
AC14, pwned by Maneki Neko no Uta, even when I think I can after all those DS3-ing.

What are the versions of Taiko you've played?
Arcade: AC9~14 including 12 Asia and excluding 12, and AC0 (Asia)
Console: DS1~3, Wii1, 3DS2. If you say "technically played" I also played Wii2 and Wii U1, but like just one song on each.

What's your favorite console/arcade version?
Arcade: AC0 of course, for having like everything.
Console: 3DS2 for, again, having everything (re DLC).

What's your favorite control method?
Was Button Set A, then changed to B when shortly before starting with arcade.

What about on the arcade?
2P Shin-uchi Abekobe is my default. Also I do like a 75% hand switch, only messing up in even-number clusters where I often start with right regardless.

How long do you usually play Taiko?
Around half to one hour each time.

What's your favorite genre and why?
Variety. I like exotic and quirky things. Also great memories of Maneki Neko no Uta (see above), Onara Hazukashikunai Yo carrying me through 7★ and Caramelldansen takes over through 8★.

What's your favorite song and why?
Samba Alegria, per being exotic heat-filled fun samba. GERMINATION and Tsukikage SASURAI comes in close seconds

What's the song that gives you the most trouble?
Before AC0 hits Asia I was struggling with No Way Back (probably still am but never checked again). Now I am swimming in the AC0 ocean of 9★ looking for newer obstacles.

What's your least favorite song?
Only one song? Can I just outright push the whole line of AKB48 songs down to the hate pit? No? OK, then I will choose Entrance of the Gladiators for myself being the c-word. coulrophobic

Do you actually like any of the side modes/minigames in Taiko?
Story modes are nice. I like having context in games. Although, the gameplay part could quickly run out for heavy players. I like DS2 when they ramp up the bosses to Oni when you extensively cleared the thing.

What song would you like to see in one of the future Taiko games?
More Gershwin in Classic is nice. In fact, more original Classical (i.e. not arranged, especially not rock/metal arranged) would be cool too.

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