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Monday, August 18, 2014

Nation-wide Rhythm Game Festival: More info

That was some announcement eh? Hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming Nation-wide Rhythm Game Festival (天下一音ゲ祭, read as Tenkaichi Otogesai) event! The surprise Taiko Team blog post alone is kinda skimpy on the details, so we did some further snooping to bring you some more!

First to Twitter: @taiko_team is not the only excited Twitter feed to release this piece of news. In fact all the participating games' Twitter feeds has also done so, and in pretty good sync! In case you do not recognize, it's the Game Music Triangle trio again with Groove Coaster (EX) and maimai (Orange), plus the proud addition of jubeat (saucer fulfill) from Konami's BEMANI family.

Next we check out with the main organizer of the collaboration event, the All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators' Union (全日本アミューズメント施設営業者協会連合会, AOU in short). In their August newsletter a full page (Page 5) has been allocated for the event. Here are the extra details we have from this:

  • A total of 7 new songs will be added for each game: Each game will put up one song to pass between the games, and one brand new song will be created by each game's composer. The songs will be added late-October first-hand to participating stores.
  • The key activity of the event is a(nother) tournament, hosted within designated blocs across Japan. Each arcade center member of the AOU will each host a Store Preliminary on AOU's Games Day (November 23) together. Winners will proceed to a late-December Bloc Finals showdown to determine the champion of each game within the bloc.
  • The tournament will accept "online entry", a first in AOU game tournaments.
  • Arcade centers completing the union's membership application by September 19 will be eligible to hold the Store Preliminary

There will be more news as the event draws near, so stay tuned at all the usual outlets, as well as these notable links!

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