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Friday, August 8, 2014

Kimidori Asia Version Update Post

Hooray for more Donders getting Kimidori (as version 0.04 shown above)! For this update we are going to do something slightly different: checking off what we know against the Japanese version for hidden items. Feel free to provide us with more info!

Last update: August 10

What We Know
  • 12 songs from the Kimidori poster from the official Asia Version FB
  • From this Plurk, these Kimidori-default debuts/revivals also made it:
    • RPG
    • Imagination
    • Katte Rock
    • Ama no Jyaku
    • GO MY WAY!!
    • super star shooter
    • Puru Puru Simple
    • Denshi-drum no Tatsujin
    • Caramel Time
    • Choujikuu Adventure
  • Also from that Plurk we see Honey Heartbeat ~10 Stars Remix~ finally made a late appearance
  • Again from the above Plurk, these new outfits also made it:
    • Takkun Ride
    • Tikkun
    • Hakurei Reimu
  • On a sadder note, wikihouse commenters also reports that the Korean song list might be even smaller, without Senbonzakura and Diamond Happy
  • DonPoint unlock songs are all in, as well as all the outfits along the way:
    • Sacred Ruin
    • Gashadokuro
    • Dokadoka
  • Newly unlockable Yokuderu 2000 is in.
  • Touhou dancers are also in.
  • Funassyi outfit is absent
  • Sacred Ruin-related titles are absent Sorry, they are in. Remember to hit confirm 1 second early to make the timer stop at the double digit!

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